2021 Agenda - Agenda will be updated in October of 2020. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021  

9:15 - 9:20am          Welcome to Bond Fund Symposium

                                            Peter Crane, President & Publisher, Crane Data


9:20 - 10:15am        Bond Market Strategists: Rates, Risks, Spreads

                               Ira Jersey, Chief US Rates Strategist, Bloomberg Intelligence  

                               Alex Roever, MD, J.P. Morgan Securities 

                               Michael Cloherty, Head US Rates Strategist, UBS


10:15 - 11:10am      Short & Shorter: Ultra‐Shorts vs. SMAs, ESG 

                                Moderator: Peter Crane, President & Publisher, Crane Data

                               Dave Martucci, PM & Head of Mgd Res, J.P. Morgan A.M.

                               Jerome Schneider, Managing Director, PIMCO


11:10 - 11:40am      Coffee Break sponsored by                              


11:40 - 12:30pm      ETF & Near‐Cash ETF Trends  

                                Brian McMullen, ETF Strategist, Invesco

                               James McNerny, MD & Portfolio Manager, J.P. Morgan A.M.

12:30 - 1:30pm        Lunch sponsored by  


1:30 - 2:20pm          Senior Portfolio Manager Perspectives 

                               Moderator: Peter Crane, President & Publisher, Crane Data

                               Joanne Driscoll, Head S-T Liquid Markets, Putnam Investments

                                           Dave Rothweiler, Portfolio Manager, UBS Asset Mgmt 

                               Speaker TBD


2:20 - 3:10pm          Major Issues in Fixed-Income Investing  

                               Moderator: Logan Miller, Credit Strategist, Wells Fargo Secs

                               Matthew Brill, I‐G Portfolio Manager, Invesco

                               Morten Olsen, VP, Director of Ultrashort Fixed Income, Northern Trust AM     

3:10 - 3:40pm          Refreshments sponsored by


3:40 - 4:25pm          Index Fund & ESG Issues in the Bond Space

                               Henry Shilling, Founder, Sustainable Research and Analysis 


4:25 - 5:10pm          US Bond Funds Ratings & LGIP Market Update

                               Peter Gargiulo, Director, Fitch Ratings 

                               Guyna Johnson, Analytical Manager, S&P Global Ratings

 5:10 - 6:10pm          Opening Reception sponsored by 


Friday, March 26, 2021  


8:00 - 9:00am           Breakfast sponsored by 


9:00‐9:50am              State of the Bond Fund Marketplace

                                 Peter Crane, President & Publisher, Crane Data

                                Shelly Antoniewicz, Sr Director, Investment Company Institute

9:50‐10:40am           Regulatory Update: Latest Bond Fund Issues

                                Aaron Withrow, Associate, Dechert LLP

                                Jamie Gershkow, Associate, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young

10:40 - 11:10am       Refreshments sponsored by                             


11:10 - 11:50am       Government Bond Market & Fund Discussion  

                                Sue Hill, Senior PM, Federated Investors   

                                Ira Jersey, Chief US Rates Strategist, Bloomberg Intelligence 

11:50 - 12:30pm       Municipal Bond Market Overview 

                                Kristian Lind, Managing Director, Neuberger Berman

                                J.R. Rieger, Principal, Rieger Report 

12:30 - 1:00pm         Boxed Lunch

1:00‐1:45pm             Money Fund Update & Conservative USBFs

                                Peter Crane, President & Publisher, Crane Data

                                Kerry Pope, Director Inst Port Mgmt, Fidelity Investments


1:45‐2:00pm            Bond Fund Tools & Data

                               Peter Crane, President & Publisher, Crane Data